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June - July 2019
Weekday Playtime:
Tuesday - Friday
• 9AM to 4PM Playtime

June 5 (Wed)  • 9M - 4M (Holiday Rate)
June 12 (Wed)  • 9M - 4M (Holiday Rate)
Weekend Playtime:
Saturday / Sunday
• 10AM to 5PM Playtime

(Ticket prices exclusive of service charge; Prices subject to change without prior notice)
Weekend (and Holidays)
Sat & Sun
Kids (4 to 17 years old) Php 770.00 Php 630.00
Toddlers (1 to 3 years old) Php 420.00 Php 350.00
Companions (18 years old and above) Php 539.00 Php 441.00
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