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What is Print@Home (eTicket)

Print@Home tickets also called eTickets. 
Generated as an option of ordering tickets online (internet purchase).
[A] Just select Print At Home 
[B] Under Delivery Details > Delivery Method 

After your successfull online transaction a copy of confirmation receipt will automatically emailed to you. And a PDF file - which is your eTicket. Print this PDF and present this upon entering the venue.
Protect your eTicket. 

Convenience, one-stop shopping, and no tickets to be misplaced, forgotten or lost.
If you lose your e-ticket receipt you simply go on-line and print another one.
But you cannot re-use your eTicket. 

Tip: Set your printing to "scale to fit", so you won't miss any detail.

Below is a sample of eTicket (internet purchase)
and a sample of the actual ticket (over-the-counter).
Events with "Print at Home"


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