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World Marketing Summit 2020

February 22, 2020
Saturday • 8am - 5pm

The Tent at Solaire
Solaire Resort & Casino
1 Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City
Paranaque City
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World Marketing Summit

WORLD MARKETING SUMMIT World Marketing Summit (WMS) is founded in 2010 by Prof. Philip Kotler the world leading marketing guru and father of modern marketing. WMS is a global alliance; a collaboration that unites the best minds from corporate sphere working in concert with public sector and community leaders to transform and translate marketing ideas and solutions into tackling real and focused socioeconomic issues, and creating sustainable solutions through marketing centric initiatives that are driven by social responsibility acting as their fulcrum. The aim and unique vision of the WMS are to elevate marketing from a corporate tool to a social equalizer that will deliver through a global stratagem “The New Paradigm of Marketing for 21st century” while keeping its promise of: “Creating a Better World Through Marketing”.

Basic Premise:
WMS vision is based on 2 separate but interconnected elements
a. Evolution of Marketing as a discipline
b. Using Marketing to change the world

Human behavior drives the world. From the way we use world’s resource through our basic day consumption and living to the decisions made at enterprises and institutions which drives the world’s economy – people’s belief, values and its influence on choices made has created the world we live today. By influencing the behavior the biggest impact can be made towards the creation of a better world. We are at a unique position today due to technology innovations, to engage with an experts round the world and find solutions to the existing challenges in a manner and scale never thought possible.

Key Target Group: Marketers (for profit and not for profit), Academicians

WMS Goal:
• Introduce a new Marketing Framework for enterprise by 2020
• Develop marketing model to address the following key areas through
 marketing – driven by enterprises. Some example
 • Climate change and its impact
 • Relooking at education to build livelihood skills for the future
 • Engaging youth to help create a better world
 • Utilizing the worlds resources
Strategic Approach
Key strategic approach in reaching the GOAL
a. Inspiration from the global & regional best minds
Core of WMS lies at capturing cutting edge thoughts on marketing’s role to transform
the world for the better.

World Marketing Summit was first held in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and was held in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013, with more than 4,000 delegates and 50+ speakers
from around the world. The 3rd was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 and the 4th also in
Japan in 2015. WMS 2016 also happened in Japan, but due to heavy demand worldwide,
in 2017 WMS happened in four different countries Including Canada, Bahrain, Korea &
Japan and in 2018 WMS was held in eight countries including Chile, Bolivia, Italy,
Turkey, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan. The countries on map now for 2019 are
United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Turkey, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines,
Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, Brazil,
Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda and Chile.

Our prime objective is to create a better world through marketing knowledge and
creativity. We hope to influence mindsets, support feasible actions for change, and craft
operating models to improve economic wealth, environmental wellness, and human

The prime objective of WMS is to co-create a better world with secured peace,
stable growth, responsible capitalism, co-shared prosperity and sustainable planet
by changing mindsets, addressing mandate for change, crafting operating models and
driving social movements and reflecting through a coherent set of economic wealth,
environmental wellness and human wisdom.

WMS will keep on focusing on:
• Leading the World Ahead: Shared Vision, Shared Action
• Mandates for Change: New Marketing Paradigm in Digitally Connected World
• Marketing as an Engine for Transformation
• Marketing in developed markets
• The New Marketing Frontier for Business Value Creation in 21st Century

We invite you to join us in the exciting global odyssey ahead. Together – with worldclass thinkers, corporate captains and social change leaders, let us create new paradigm
shifts and make a significant, measurable and long-term impact on the most critical
issues facing society and mankind. Let us unite in translating corporate CSR initiatives
though innovative marketing stratagem into global solutions that reflects your own
corporate aspirations and commitment to the nation, communities you serve and the
global market place.

The World Marketing Summit also works to create global shifts in human behaviour
through marketing strategies that impact society and our lives.

Themes of previous editions of WMS,
2017 - Theme: “New Marketing Strategies in Disruptive Times” 2016 Japan- Theme:
“Marketing in Developed Markets.”

2015 Tokyo, Japan -Theme: “Winning Global Markets and Operating Responsibly in a
Digitally Connected World.”

2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - “Better World through Marketing”.

2012 Dhaka, Bangladesh – Theme: “Creating A Better World Through Marketing.”

World Marketing Summit 2019 will happen in following cities/countries this year:
1. Myanmar 6th October
2. Thailand 7th October
3. Japan 9th October
4. Indonesia 22nd October
5. Malaysia 24th October
6. China 29th October
7. South Africa 7th November
8. Rwanda 12th November
9. Nigeria 14th November
10. Canada 15th November
11. UK 18th November
12. Italy 22nd November
13. Turkey 25th November
14. UAE 27th November
15. Bangladesh 1st December
16. India 4th December
17. Pakistan 6th December
18. Saudi Arabia 11th December
19. Vietnam 12th December
20. Philippines Feb 22, 2020

Keynote International Speakers
The possible speakers for The Philippine edition may be from following:
• Philip Kotler
• Sadia Kibria
• David Aaker
• Michael Porter
• Moran Cerf
• Marc Oliver
• Kozo Takaoka
• V. Kumar
• Al Ries
• Laura Ries
• Xavies Lopez
• Howard Tullman
• Robert Wolcott
• Martha Rogers
• Luiz Mountinho
• Istvan Kapitany
• Salvador Lopez
• Geoffery Hinton
• Dominique Hanssens
• Nancy Lee
• Jagdish Sheth

World Marketing Summit Council with World Marketing Summit Group, Philippines
and Kotler Impact Inc. look to your valued support in realising the multi-faceted objectives of this global summit and are confident that your organisation and you place
Philippines – will see a clear match between your corporate goals and the country aspirations championed by this global connexion.

The world-class speakers both from academia and corporate plus public sector along
with support of lead organisations like Ministries, International Chambers of Commerce and the United Nations complemented by the leading local and international media amongst others ensure that this event in Philippines will be in the global focus and
receive extensive international coverage and be in the regional public spotlight as WMS
Philippines will be established on permanent basis.

Join us, in making WMS Philippines as your corporate and social marketing platform
and translating through global alliances, the key objectives and aims of the Summit for
creating new marketing paradigm.

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Your representation, kind support, cooperation and creative partnership will help
transcend borders, beliefs and traditional business paradigms to galvanise the global
marketing community in waking up and taking on the mantle of shared responsibility.
Together, We Can Make Difference for Creating better world through Marketing.

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