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SandBox at Alviera

Schedule / Venue
Business Hours

Wednesday - Friday
9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday
9am - 5pm

Please be advised we will be open on the following holidays:
November 1, 2019, Friday - All Saints' Day
November 2, 2019, Saturday
November 30, 2019, Saturday - Bonifacio Day
December 8, 2019, Sunday - Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 25, 2019, Wednesday - Christmas Day
January 1, 2020 – New year
And closed on these dates due to exclusive reservation.
November 13, 2019 – (Wednesday)
November 20, 2019 – (Wednesday)
Tickets not valid during holidays

Alviera, Porac Access Road
Porac, Pampanga
• Ticket is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Not valid on HOLIDAYS.

• Attendees must follow the Sandbox park guidelines. See guidelines at Alviera.ph

• Sandbox may change the operating hours of the park or any of it's attractions due to inclement weather. Call via mobile (0917) 803-3099 or via landline (045) 432-0014

• For attractions under maintenance, customers can avail of another attraction of the same value. Some attractions may need to be closed for certain days for maintenance and safety purposes.

• Bringing of food is prohibited inside SandBox. A corkage fee of 100/head (Waived corkage fees for groups of 50 and above).

• Visitors are required to sign a general waiver before entering SandBox.

• Venue rules and regulations apply.
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NOTICE: If you will purchase online using your credit/debit card, please claim your ticket/s at any TicketWorld Outlet, NOT at Alviera's SandBox.

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The Park
The place for family outdoor fun
There’s something for everyone at SandBox, a sprawling adventure destination with fun and thrilling rides and attractions for people of all ages.

One of the first outdoor attractions of Alviera is SandBox, a two-hectare adventure destination with a unique selection of facilities that provide a memorable outdoor experience for everyone. SandBox has Asia’s first rollercoaster zipline and the tallest giant swing in the Philippines as its main attractions. Other fun activities to be enjoyed include archery and ATV/UTV rides for those who are seeking a more thrilling adventure.

SandBox at Alviera is a unique getaway for families. Redefining outdoor adventure and fun, it features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to mini golf for the grandparents. With a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains, SandBox is definitely the place for family outdoor fun.


Splash Tub ride will only be available June 2018.

We have something for people of all ages, making the SandBox ideal for fun activities with family and friends:

There is the Giant Swing , the country’s tallest swing. Each swing can accommodate three guests at a time and rocks back and forth at 10 meters above the ground.

The Aerial Walk Challenge is a high rope adventure course of nets and rope walkways, a series of activities that will test your agility, balance and flexibility. An active guest can make his way through this course in about 30 minutes.

Avatar One , the Philippines' first roller coaster zipline, provides an exciting ride for the thrill-seekers. You don’t just zip down the 180-meter course, you zigzag along starting from 12 meters high.

Have a thrilling ATV or UTV ride that passes through the Pasig-Potrero river to give you that exhilarating outdoor experience, or try something new with Outdoor Archery , a fun activity with the bow and arrow in an outdoor range perfect for newbie.

Then there is the Adventure Tower , 15 meters of wall climbing fun, rappelling and free fall. It also provides the best views of Alviera, as far out as the open field where hobbyists can gather for field sports and other outdoor pursuits like Frisbee, RC plane and car activities.

The open field also features kite-flying and kite-making workshops every summer, as well as the occasional concert and health and wellness programs.

For the little ones, there is a themed kiddie playground with picnic areas, while the family can also enjoy some mini-golf or get close to nature in the camping sites.
SandBox is Alviera’s unique getaway for families and friends! It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. To ensure that you have the best and safest outdoor experience, the following guidelines must be observed:

1) Parking is free. Drive carefully as SandBox, its owners,and its affiliates will not be responsible for any damage or loss of your vehicles, its accessories, or any items inside.
2) You are expected to take care of your belongings, which may be subject to safety checks. SandBox does not allow the following:
i) Any dangerous or hazardous tools and materials.
ii) Alcoholic beverages.
3) SandBox has an entrance fee with corresponding packages. Tickets are valid from the day of purchase only. You must read and sign a waiver upon entering the park. If you are under 18 years old, an adult or a guardian must sign on your behalf.
4) Children must be supervised by their guardians at all times. Kids below 4 feet in height are not allowed to use any of the attractions.
5) Queuing and waiting time on each attraction is observed for everyone’s comfort. You are encouraged not to bump, push, or move others in the line. Groups must wait together. Cutting in lines is not permitted.
6) Courtesy to everyone in the park is highly appreciated. Engaging in unsafe or offensive behavior is not allowed.
7) You must wear proper attire- comfortable shirts, pants, shorts, and shoes at all times while inside the park.
8) For your safety and to avoid injury, you must comply with all notices, directions, and requests of any facilitator, posted, given or made.
9) Keep your tickets while inside the park. Lost tickets will not be replaced and guests without tickets will not be allowed to ride. For re-entries, ticket and hand stamp are required.
10) Your tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, and void if altered. One ticket can only accommodate one person on the day it was purchased.
11) SandBox has designated smoking areas. Please request any SandBox staff for assistance.
12) SandBox does not allow the following activities:
a) Sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale.
b) Distribution of printed materials of any kind.
c) Unbooked events, shoots, demonstrations, speeches, public functions, among others.
13) SandBox may ask anyone to leave the park, without refund, for failure to comply with any of its safety guidelines.
14) Sandbox may charge the guest if he/she incurred damage to any property inside Sandbox.
15) SandBox may change the operating hours of the park or any of its attractions due to park capacity, booked events, inclement weather, among others.
16) Pets are not allowed inside the park.
17) Gadgets are not allowed inside the facilities (Aerial Walk, Giant Swing and Adventure Tower).
18) For other questions and concerns, please approach any SandBox staff for assistance. Have a great day in SandBox!
People with health conditions such as hypertension, have undergone surgery within the last 3 months,
with slip disc and other serious back ailment, bone injuries, loose shoulder or joint sockets, pregnant
women, among other similar conditions are strongly advised not to take any courses within Sandbox.
Everyone must wear appropriate comfortable clothing and shoes. Long hair must be tied back and
accessories are requested to be removed. Loose pockets must be emptied and helmets and harnesses
should be worn at all times.

7 to 11 yrs old must be accompanied by a climbing adult
12 to 15 yrs old must be supervised by adult from the ground
Weight: Maximum of 110kg or 242lbs

Age: 7 to 11 yrs old must be supervised by an adult.
Weight: Maximum of 180kg or 396lbs (combined weight)

Age: Kids below 7 years old are not permitted to take the course.
Weight: Minimum of 36kg or 79lbs and maximum of 110kg or 242lbs

Age: 10 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
Weight: Maximum of 110kg or 242lbs

Age: 10 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
Weight: Maximum of 110kg or 242lbs

Age: Kids below 7 years old are not permitted to take the course.
Weight: Minimum of 20kg or 44lbs and maximum of 110kg or 242lbs

Splashtub (Little Warrior)
Age: : 5 to 7 years old must be supervised by an adult.
Weight: Maximum of 220lbs

Splashtub (Challenger)
Age: : 8 years old and above
Weight: Maximum of 220lbs
Height: Minimum of 4 feet for Main Water Obstacle course.
No accessories, Buttons and zippers. You must wear Rash Guard and Dri-fit Swimming attire.

Not available on internet purchase. Visit TicketWorld outlet nearest you to present your ID.
Senior Citizens: Less 20% (Net of VAT)
Student Discount: Not applicable on all shows. Call TicketWorld for details.
Persons with Disabilities: Less 20% (Net of VAT). There are allocated seats for PWD, please visit a ticket outlet to purchase them. You can also inquire by calling TicketWorld for more details.
Diplomat Discount: Per REVENUE MEMORANDUM No.22-2004 of the BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION. Present VEC/VEIC card please.

The above ticket discounts may not be used in conjunction with existing promos or packages.


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